One Foggy Morning

15 Apr

A foggy morning is like a gift. Suddenly, the world is transformed and everything seems magical, covered in dewdrops and shrouded in mist. You just have to get out early, before the sun dries it all up and the magic disappears. This was yesterday’s enticement for an early morning walk. Note to self: next time, wear boots. While the roads were dry, the grass was not and my feet were sloshing in my shoes by the time I got home!

The birds were singing, the ships in the seaway were sounding their foghorns, and yet it seemed especially quiet. Just walking down the driveway was like entering a whole new world.

The spider webs were like bejeweled masterpieces on every fence, bush, and clump of grass.

The fog makes everyday scenes look mystical. The trees are just starting to bud, and their branches are beautiful organic sculptures, faded by the mist.

The fog even lends a new dimension to birdwatching. I like to think the robins, sparrows, and red-winged blackbirds were also enjoying the special morning!

Magic is always fleeting, though. Within a few hours the sun was out and the foggy morning was just a memory.

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